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Howard Rapp was born into a family whose life was surrounded by "Show Business". From the time he turned thirteen years of age, he joined his legendary uncle in a company as we still know today as, Charles Rapp Enterprises.

A mere ninety minutes from Broadway, in a region of New York State known as the Catskill Mountains, an unheralded birth took place in 1935, which was to dramatically influence the entertainment industry, as we know it today. It was the year Charlie Rapp began a long and acclaimed career as one of the biggest one-man buyer and supplier of show business talent in America. Charlie Rapp made his mark by concentrating his efforts on developing new talent and booking shows for more than 300 hotels which flourished during the pre and post war years in an area of Sullivan County still affectionately dubbed "The Borscht Belt"

Charlie Rapp was credited with helping to develop the careers of such as stars as Milton Berle, Jan Murray, Red Buttons, Diahann Carroll, Neil Sedaka, Norm Crosby, Jack Carter, Sid Caesar, Phil Foster, Totie Fields, Steve & Edyie and the list goes on.

Howard joining the company full time in 1969, after graduating Long Island University and in 1970, bringing in Arnold Graham as a partner, who had already been working full time, they helped to usher the transition into the modern era of show business. With the death of Charlie Rapp in 1974, they took the reins and helped develop the new talent careers of Robert Klein, David Brenner, Jerry Seinfeld, Paul Reiser, Rodney Dangerfield, Arsenio Hall, Jay Leno and many others.

As the years continue to move forward and times have changed, so does Howard Rapp. The one reality that Howard has held onto and continues to follow is the time honored conditions established by his legendary Uncle, Charlie Rapp.

Today, with offices in New York and Florida, Howard is very excited to have teamed up with NYK Productions, Inc and his new partners, Arie Kaduri and Alison Chaplin. Now, as one company, this highly respected entertainment consulting, booking and management firm, has grown far beyond its humble beginnings and enters The New Millennium as an international player in the multiple-media universe of show business.

He has shared producer credits  for such shows on and off Broadway, starring Jackie Mason, "The World According to Me,"  Steve Solomon "My Mother's Italian My Father's Jewish and I'm in Therapy" and “Comedy A La Carte" starring David 'Dudu" Fisher, the late Bruce Adler and comedy star, Mal Z.. Lawrence.

Today NYK-Rapp Enterprises, LLC is involved in representing other Broadway and Off-Broadway Projects such as Rip Taylor starring in 'IT'S NOT ALL CONFETTI", CORY KAHANEY'S "PASTRAMI ON RYE WITH MAYO", and GREG LEWIS’ “SOME GREEKS ARE NOT IN THE RESTAURANT BUSINESS”.

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