Guy Bavli

Bavli…Destined For The Stage…

As a child, Israeli-born entertainer Guy Bavli was fascinated with mystery and magic. At the age of five, he began displaying signs of his destiny – successfully entertaining and having the extraordinary ability to charm people while he performed magical illusions. Recognizing his unique talent that captivated audiences, Bavli’s family provided him the opportunity to perform his first paid performance at a Country Club in Tel-Aviv at the young age of eight. The show became a weekly hit in Tel-Aviv for nearly a year! While most kids his age were out playing ball games, Guy was mastering his unique skills and perfecting his performances that earned him the reputation of a child prod\igy star.

The “Wonder Kid” Years

By age thirteen, Guy Bavli – was dubbed the “wonder kid” – and was the opening act for famous national artists on tour in Israel.

The next year, Guy stepped into the international scene by becoming the first Israeli performer to win an international magic competition in the United States. The victory propelled his name into the limelight as he received an abundance of media coverage for the honor he brought to Israel. Guy then continued to receive more recognition. He has been honored with the “Best Magician / Entertainer of the Year” award for three consecutive years.

In 1990, Guy Bavli was the first ever to receive

the award for “Magician / Entertainer of the Decade 80’s – 90’s” from the Israeli Society for Promoting the Art of Magic.

Bavli the Soldier

They say that becoming a soldier makes a boy

a man. In Guy Bavli’s case, it made a Magician become a Mentalist. While serving in the IDF for three years, Guy developed his telepathic skills shifting his focus to psychological entertainment.

Guy Bavli became the first and only Mind-Reading Entertainer-Soldier. He also expanded his ability as an entertainer by becoming a member of the “Israeli Air force Performing Group” as an actor and singer. Following his service in the IDF and having perfected his performance skills, Bavli carved a niche for himself as a world-renowned Mentalist entertainer and launched the critically acclaimed international tour: Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind.