There are great performances of favorite songs–and then there are those rare moments that go way beyond great…moments that inspire goose bumps, cheers—and maybe a quiet tear or two…

These are the moments that truly grab us and leave us feeling like we have just experienced a musical moment that we will cherish for days and (more probably) years to come….! It’s a moment that is hard to describe, but when you experience this, you absolutely KNOW that your life just became even richer for the simple privilege of having been there….

Buckle your seat belts because THE BRONX WANDERERS deliver a “Back to the Future” type of rocket fuel in this high-octane 50′s, 60′s and 70′s Rock N’ Roll experience!

Tap into the infectious energy of the music that skyrocketed classics like “American Graffiti”, “Happy Days” and “A Bronx Tale” to immediate success… weave that nostalgic adrenalin into a soundtrack of the greatest hits of rock n’ roll replicated in a way that only a master record producer can achieve. Add in some genuine pros from the era and then unleash the youthful show-stopping charisma of the sons’ modern day indie band musicians. Finish off this heart-pumping mix with the lovingly engaging dose of pure Italian “famiglia” and you might come close to capturing the seemingly “magical” appeal of THE BRONX WANDERERS!