Rarely in the entertainment world does it chance that a performer can stand out apart from his many colleagues and past performers as someone completely new and different.  

The walkers, then, go beyond rarity.  This super-talented brother-sister-brother act has taken the industry by storm.  Greg, Kathy and Bill Walker, individually are dynamite, but combined onstage they’re an atomic blast.  Through their unique and ingenious talents, the walkers bring all the excitement, music and color of a Hollywood production to any stage.  There is an excitement from their first steps out in front of an audience whether they are bringing super stars like Barbara Streisand, Rod Stewart, Cher, Dolly Parton, Johnny cash, Liza Minnelli, Liberace, Joan Rivers, Sammy Davis Jr., or countless other stars to life through their dazzling recreations, soloing Greg with his remarkable harmonica musicianship, featuring Kathy at the concert piano or singing with a voice as beautiful as her person, or spotlighting bill with his guitar and singing one of his original compositions.  

The walkers have been receiving sizzling reviews in the entertainment towns of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Branson, Reno and Orlando as well as New York and Los Angeles. Their recent television appearances on “Vicki,” “the Joan rivers show,” “Montel Williams,” and the “Jerry Lewis Telethon,” have carried the walkers into homes all over the country.  They do so much and do it all so well it is difficult to pin a label on them.  They are more than impressionists, singers, comedians, actors and musicians.  However you may define them, they will make you look, and laugh and listen.  They will touch you.  I call them a miracle.  If you have ever seen the walkers, you will understand.  If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?