Douglas MacArthur Attended West Point and became a war hero.  Dwight David Eisenhower attended West Point and became the President of the United States.  Ross Bennett attended West Point and became… A COMEDIAN????.

The late 70's were a different era, and West Point admitted a different kind of cadet when Ross Bennett was sworn in on July 8, 1975.  But by 1977 Ross has decided that he wanted to take aim and fire jokes at nightclub audiences.  So he undertook a giant career change, he dropped out of West Point and landed right square in the middle of the comedy explosion that was taking America by storm.

For 25 years Ross has led a comedy attack. Armed with an expressive delivery and real life topics.  Growing up with a Marine Colonel father (a nice mellow guy!), grade school snow days, disastrous golf games and catastrophic water skiing outings.  ROSS BENNETT is a high-powered performer who takes his act to the audience and comes back with a victory every-time!!