Patrick Cassidy is arguably the best kept secret in the Cassidy clan of award winning theatrical, television and music superstars which includes mom Shirley Jones, his late father Jack Cassidy and brothers David and Shaun (youngest brother Ryan is a well known set designer).  Liz Smith gushed that Patrick is “the sexiest, most charismatic and most talented of the Cassidy boys.”  “Being the brother of two former teen idols has some backlash too.  To be taken seriously in the acting world became a lot tougher in a way,” said Patrick.  Instead of accepting an offer to sign for a recording contract on the heels of his brothers’ mega-success, he opted to take a different route. “I made a choice, based on what I’d seen them go through to go to New York and work in the theater and hopefully reap the benefits of having worked hard at your craft.

Patrick has become a highly respected actor both on the theatrical stage and on television.  He returns to star in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for a one year national tour.  He re-creates the role of Joseph, whom he portrayed in 1999 and for which he is lauded as one of the best actors in that role – and the best looking.  He has diligently been working out to bring his body as close to perfection as possible.  “My shirt will be off every night, so I had to get buff.  After all, Joseph is a young guy and I’m…well, let’s not say, not quite as young.

Most recently, Patrick starred in 42nd Street with his mother Academy Award winner Shirley Jones, which marked the first time a mother and son have ever performed together in a Broadway musical.  (The only other time they worked together on stage was when he played Rolf in The Sound of Music when he was fifteen and Shirley played Maria.)  Working with his mom in 42nd Street was such a great experience, and after commuting back and forth between Los Angeles and New York, Patrick and his wife and kids agreed that they would never be apart again for any length of time. This incarnation of Joseph provides the perfect opportunity to mix business with pleasure.

Following in the footsteps of his Tony Award winning father, with a phenomenal singing voice, (courtesy of mom Shirley Jones), Patrick’s focus on his theatrical career has brought the most attention to his talent and on-stage charisma.  Patrick has chosen to play an extremely eclectic range of roles.  He is able to camouflage his good looks and immerse Himself into each role, adding his unique take on that character’s personality and, often even to his appearance.  “I was given a 6’2” frame, a decent chiseled face, the standard by which people in this business would call a leading man, but my guts were those of a character guy.  I always want a challenge myself as an actor.”

Since his 1981 Broadway debut as the male ingénue Frederick in The Pirates of Penzance, Patrick has been performing consistently in New York, Los Angeles or on a national tour, with numerous guest starring roles in television series and in feature films.

On television, Patrick received an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of a West Point cadet in Dress Grey.  He played Lex Luther’s son on Lois & Clark:  The New Adventure of Superman and ironically, played Lana Langs father on a recurring basis on Smallville.  Some of the TV shows he has been on recently include Without a Trace, Law & Order: SVU, Crossing Jordan, According to Jim, to name a few.  On film, he portrayed Howard, the gay actor, in Longtime Companion, the first feature film that dealt with the AIDS epidemic, a cause for which Patrick has been an avid spokesperson and supporter.

And what will be next?  Patrick has created and written an autobiographical one man musical about what it was like growing up in a family in which every single person was in show business.  He reflects on his stellar family, life and experiences – with great stories, insights, love laughter and of course music.